Mikumba Ratu Laut Phinisi


Welcome on board to the MIKUMBA Ratu Laut liveaboard!

Sailing the seas of Indonesia since 2008 as a surfing charter boat, for the first time our boat now serves as a dive boat! MIKUMBA Ratu Laut has traveled to the island of Nias, Sumatra, and other places across Indonesia and has taken bold surfers to some of Indonesia’s most challenging surfing spots. The boat itself is a type of Indonesian legendary boats, the Phinisi, but equipped with modern facilities and single engine. It has three neat cabins and one open cabin comfortable for up to ten people, with a cozy dining space. An exciting on board living at affordable price!

MIKUMBA Ratu Laut takes adventurous divers cruising through spectacular scuba diving paradises, such as Raja Ampat, Ambon, banda sea, After the high season we will change location and to take her to the crazy currents of Komodo National Park. Every time we moor up the boat around an island and we go for diving, we’ll encounter a very stunning and healthy coral reef, ridiculous amount of colorful fishes, graceful mantas, and majestic sharks. Not to mention the endegered sea turtles and hundreds of brightly colored nudibranchs that you may encounter. OBS! These trips we will be looking for strong current on several dive sites to get the action with sharks, tunas and big school of huge spanish mackerel that are the same size as the white tip shark. So we expect you to be a competent diver with good health condition to dive these sites.

– A Day on the boat
To get the best possible diving experience, our cruise director will select the most convenient day to dive, based on the weather, currents, and tides condition. It’s essential part of your diving if you plan to have a safe and good diving experience. He will schedule 3 to 4 dives per day depending if you are doing a sunset or a night dive. Ever wonder how your life on the MIKUMBA Ratu Laut boat will be? Here comes the illustration.

The day you arrive we will do an check in. show you to your cabin. Set up your dive equipment. Sign some paperwork. The cruise director will introduce himself and rest of the crew. After that we will do a boat briefing and safety briefing we going to have a lunch around 15:00 after that we will be doing our briefing for our check dive.

The following days you will start the day at 06.30 in the morning to have a quick breakfast with cereals with milk, and juice. A couple of minutes after you finish your first meal, you will have a briefing for your first dive. Once you are ready, you will get to interact with sharks, turtles, tunas maybe the majestic manta rays. At around 09.00, you’ll be back on the boat, ready for your real big breakfast and relax before a briefing for your second dive at 10.50.

After your second dive, the lunch will be set on the boat for you around 12.30 to 13.00. You’ll have time to relax and rest before your third dive at 14.50. It is a good time to have a quick sleep or read a good book while enjoying some snack. Otherwise, you can spend your time chatting with new friends while admiring the sea from the upper deck. Upon finishing your third dive, you’ll get time for snacks and another time to unwind, as well as preparing your camera for a sunset or night dive preceded by a briefing at 18.15. Dinner is served at around 20:30 if we are doing an night dive otherwise we serve dinner around19:30.

On the boat, we serve Indonesian food and some western foods, as well as a plenty of local fruits for you. There will be no fish served on the boat, There is several reason for that, one is that is hard to find sustainable fish from the fish market in Sorong. The fish comes from bad places like dynamite, longline or trawling and we don’t wanna support that. The sustainable fish we can get from waisai or direct from the fishermans boats would not be enough for all guest so only the local crew will buy sustainable fish sometimes.

On your last day on MIKUMBA Ratu Laut, we schedule 1 morning dives to let you have more no-fly time before we cruise back home. If the condition not allowed us to dive some dive sites, we will try to find a diving site alternative dive site for you to fulfill our diving schedule. Whatever happens, we always put your safety on the top of every diving activity that we do.

The Diving
MIKUMBA Ratu Laut will take you through an amazing journey within some of Indonesia’s most marvelous sea scapes. You’ll have a chance to dive through various diving conditions, from the calm current to the crazy current, from low tide to high tide. The archipelago surely keeps the world’s widest bio diversities of marine life. You can witness several kinds of sharks, pelagic schooling fish, Manta Ray, Dolphins, Pygmy Seahorses, Blue Ringed Octopus, and Frogfish. All those stunning sea creatures are circling around the massive amount of the remarkable, yet colorful corals.

Professional Crews
MIKUMBA Ratu Laut is run by excellent scuba diving team, each of the dive guide and diving instructor has been completed with SSI and PADI certificate. All crew members have detailed knowledge of Indonesian waters, marine species, as well as international safety, and protocol. Other dive support team members are true sailors with years experiences in sailing this vast archipelago, having knowledge on current and water condition. You can rest assure that if you sail with MIKUMBA Ratu Laut, you’ve got the most helpful and professional assistance from the best crew in Indonesia.

At MIKUMBA, we are a little bit of current junkies and some dive site we will looking for strong current so when you sign up to dive with us be aware that we will try to find some strong current for some of the dive sites and that’s why we believe that diving in a smaller team will give you a better and more personal experience in current. That’s the reason why we only take four guest on one guide. If we want or need, we can make it even smaller. Being a small family on this boat, makes us more flexible when it comes to diving. We aim to hit the sites when the current and tides are right, sometimes we will make some changes to get the best of the dive sites. For some dive sites, there’s a need to wait until we get strong current. Sometimes falling tide or sometimes rising tide. If there’s no current, there’s no fish on these sites. This flexibility is one of the benefits to dive with us on our boat Ratu Laut.

Diving Safety
MIKUMBA Ratu Laut offers a lot of space for divers and crews, yet it boasts seamless design that you can feel the adventure. There are comfortable cabins and lots of space to unwind on the boat during the trip. The boat is equipped with modern tools and navigation, as well as international standard of safety. With experienced crew members, you’ll feel ease in mind while taking a journey with us.

We are proud of our excellent service in accompanying guests in an amazing underwater exploration. We also offer some diving support, education, and coaching to ensure your underwater safety. Though, it is highly recommended for every diver to be competent and be in a fit condition. Since we are going through remote sailing route where the nearest help is far away, having a diving insurance is a must for you. Otherwise, we can’t allow you to dive for your own good.